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history and purpose
The East Hartford Summer Youth Festival, Inc. was created in 1965 for the sole purpose of providing an opportunity for youth and young adults to showcase their talents and to participate in providing a high quality form entertainment and cultural recreation for the benefit of surrounding communities. Over the years, it has been expanded to include aspiring actors and actresses of all ages. Our sole purpose remains unchanged - to provide a high quality form of entertainment and cultural recreation to the community and at the same time instill qualities of dedication, commitment, high level of performance, and achievement in a positive, nurturing, but very demanding environment.

As we reflect on the years of successful productions, we are aware that our level of success is due in no small part to the commitment and dedication that this community has afforded. Without the unwavering faith and support of the East Hartford Fine Arts Commission and the East Hartford Public School Administration, this success would never have been realized.

We also believe that our success is due to those individuals who had the vision and the courage to bring this group to fruition and it is their unwavering trust, belief, and plain 'hard work' that has brought us to this level of achievement as well as the community support that makes us unique.

The EHSYF, Inc. provides 6 weeks of unparalleled recreation, education, entertainment and cultural opportunities in what we believe is an environment that teaches by example and does not allow anyone to settle for anything other than the "best that they can be." EHSYF crosses all boundaries and attracts casts, crews and audiences from every cross section of our community. Cast and crew sizes vary from 75 to 125 per year. Our performances are almost always sold out to the delight of young and old alike.

We are currently expanding our Community Outreach Program allowing us to take our performers to persons who are unable to attend our shows. This further cements our commitment to this community and allows us another opportunity to ...


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